Clean Code Developer Poster

Clean Code Developer Poster

CCD Poster as download

The CCD poster contains all 45 Clean Code Developer Principles and practices, categorized according to the five degrees. For each building block, the extent to which the building block relates to the four values changeability, correctness, production efficiency and continuous improvement.

The poster is available as DIN A0 PDF file and can be printed by the print shop of your choice. We use Penguin print.

We provide the poster free of charge for personal use. This means that we allow private individuals and companies to print the poster for their own use. Passing on the PDF or the printed poster is not permitted.

Clean Code Developer articles in the store

Clean Code Developer Postkarten

Clean Code Developer Postcards

In our store you will also find a Postcard set. One card per grade, plus a cover card with legend.

Clean Code Developer Spielkarten

Clean Code Developer playing cards

In addition to the postcards, we have a Playing card set has been published. It consists of 50 cards:

  • 45 cards for the principles and practices
  • 4 cards for the values
  • 1 cover card

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Clean Code Developer Poster

DIN A0 poster with all 45 principles and practices as PDF

Enter your name and email address here and we will email you the PDF of the DIN A0 poster. With the PDF file you can have the poster printed at the print shop of your choice.

Please note: You receive the right to use the PDF file for your own use. Passing on, selling or similar of the PDF file or printed posters is not permitted.

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