Our prices

We will continue to hold our seminars online. If you are interested in an on-site seminar, Contact us You are welcome to contact us.

Closed company seminars

You book one of our trainers for an in-house seminar. The dates will be agreed with you.

The daily rate applies to up to 10 participants. For each additional participant, we charge an additional 10% per participant per seminar day.

  • Daily rate for acceptance of 1-5 days 2.000,- EUR net

    If you book seminars lasting 1-5 days, this daily rate applies.

  • Daily rate for acceptance from 6 days 1.800,- EUR net

    For orders of 6 days or more, we charge the lower daily rate. A larger purchase quantity means more predictability for us and a better price for you.

All prices are net plus VAT. For on-site training at your premises, we additionally charge our travel expenses according to time and effort as well as half a day's rate for arrival/departure.