Organizational matters


The individual workshop days are usually held in the 3-4 weeks apart carried out. This gives you the opportunity to practice and apply what you have learned in your day-to-day business between the workshop days. By arrangement, up to two consecutive workshop days can be held as a block. See also this blog post.

In-house vs. open

We currently run our seminars exclusively as closed company courses and arrange the dates individually with you.

Online vs. on site

All workshops are held online as standard via Zoom Meeting (teams are also possible). We have a lot of experience with online training and can say that online training is in no way inferior to face-to-face training. On the contrary: travel costs are saved. On-site training is possible in individual cases by arrangement.

The exception is the seminar Clean Code Developer Trainer. Due to the high level of interaction, this seminar is held exclusively in person.

Seminar times

All seminars are held in the period from 9:00 to 17:00 carried out. This includes a one-hour lunch break, also in the mornings and afternoons 15 min. coffee break each.

Certificate of attendance and Open Badges

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance for the seminar. The Certificate becomes as PDF will be made available. Each participant must provide their name, company name and email address. The certificate is generated automatically. In addition to the certificate of participation, we provide the following via the platform an Open Badge. Details you can find here.

Programming language

The specific programming language does not play a role in the workshops. The aim is not to learn a specific language or technology. The following languages are regularly represented in the workshops: C#, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C++. Other languages are less frequently represented and just as welcome.

Preparations of the participants

Each participant must have a Calculator with installed Development environment (IDE). It does not matter which IDE is used. In the workshops Coding exercises performed. Therefore, smooth handling of the IDE must be guaranteed.

The exercises are usually Console applications. If necessary, participants should create a template for this in order to be able to start training quickly.

To create your own Transcript or to take notes, the participants should Pen and paper at the ready. Alternatively, this can of course also be done on a tablet with the appropriate app. Some workshops include exercises on the topic of design. It is also necessary to have something ready to write/draw for this.

We have all the other requirements for participation on this separate page summarized.

Preparing the room for on-site training

  • The room must be equipped as follows:
    • Flipchart with sufficient Paper and Pens
    • Projector with sufficient long cableso that every participant can use the projector (for code reviews)
    • Metaplan wall or similar to hang up paper
    • WLAN Access to look up details during the exercises
  • Tables for the participants should be organized U-shape be arranged to support discussions.
  • Electricity at each location to be able to load the computer if necessary