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Individual days instead of block lessons

Many seminar providers offer seminars that are held over several consecutive days. Our seminars are also given in days. However, we generally hold our seminars in individual days, with an interval of around 3-4 weeks between each one. The intervals are used specifically for exercises and transfer into everyday life.

If you book a 3-day seminar, for example, we will arrange three individual appointments with you, each 3-4 weeks apart.

This approach has proven itself over many years. If you take part in a standard 3-day seminar, you have hardly any support in transferring what you have learned into everyday life. This is different with our format. The fact that the individual seminar days are held 3-4 weeks apart gives you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the intervals between them. This makes it possible to report on your experiences and ask questions at the next meeting. You are no longer left alone with the transfer.

In addition to the transfer to everyday life, the gaps are also used to work on exercises. This has also proven its worth. Exercises are part of our seminar format anyway. During a seminar day, not only is the material taught, but the application of the material is also practiced. In addition, you will receive an exercise to work on from one seminar day to the next. Some of the solutions will be looked at together on the following seminar day so that you can receive feedback on your solution. Furthermore, sample solutions are often shown so that you can compare your own solution.

+ Advantages:

  • More time to learn thanks to staggered training sessions
  • Transferring what you have learned into real everyday project work
  • Specific exercises to consolidate the course content
  • Greater training effect than with 3-day block training

- Disadvantage:

  • Longer period

+ Advantage:

  • Compact training within a few days

- Disadvantages:

  • No support for transfer to everyday project work
  • less time to implement the knowledge imparted

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