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IOSP Analyzer 0.2.0

IOSP Analyzer Example 1

Update 0.2.0 - 05.04.2024

The IOSP Analyzer now accepts calls from ConfigureAwait within an integration.

If an asynchronous operation is called, this is of course not a violation of the IOSP. However, if you want to call this with ConfigureAwait This was previously considered a framework/runtime call and therefore a violation of the IOSP.

The addition goes back to a fork of the GitHub repo (see https://github.com/LambdaEcho/ccdanalyzers). A pull request to me would also have done the trick here...

The following code example shows the problem:

					public async Task GetNumber_IntegrationOnlyWithConfigureAwait() {
    var list = GetList();
    var number = await FilterNumberAsync(list).ConfigureAwait(continueOnCapturedContext: false);
    return number;

private Task FilterNumberAsync(IReadOnlyList list) {
    int Value() {
        if (list.Count > 0) {
            return list[list.Count - 1];
        return 0;

    var task = Task.Run(Value);
    return task;

private static IReadOnlyList GetList() {
    return new List() { 1, 2, 3, 4 };

This is about line 3: the call of ConfigureAwait from the class Task was previously considered an IOSP violation.

I am always open to suggestions and hints as well as suggestions for improvement! Just write me an e-mail or send me a pull request in the repo in.

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