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Clean Code Developer (CCD) wallpaper

We have worked with the Clean Code Developer initiative has compiled 45 principles and practices. Because no one can deal with 45 building blocks at once, we have divided them into 5 so-called grades. The grades are named with colors, like in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green and blue. There are between 8 and 10 principles and practices in each grade.

A long time ago, we produced postcards to help introduce the building blocks. These were long out of print, but .... Now they are available again! In our store at https://shop.ccd-akademie.de you will find them.

To the Download A new wallpaper is also available. It contains an overview of all five degrees based on the postcards.

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Clean Code Developer wallpaper

Our seminars

Clean Code Developer Basics

Principles and tests - The seminar is aimed at software developers who are just starting to deal with the topic of software quality. The most important principles and practices of the Clean Code Developer Initiative are taught.

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Clean Code Developer Trainer

Conducting seminars as a trainer - This seminar is aimed at software developers who would like to pass on their knowledge of Clean Code Developer principles and practices or Flow Design to others as a trainer.

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Clean Code Developer CoWorking

Online CoWorking incl. coaching -
We are often asked what developers can do to keep up with the topic of clean code development. Our answer: Meet up with other Clean Code Developers online on a regular weekly basis.

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